a few things to report

So, Princess is kind of taking a bottle least for the sitter. Babe tried again this morning and she still isn't taking one for him. I'm wondering if it's b/c he feeds her at home, and she can still smell me there? Whereas at the sitters, there's no sign of me whatsoever???

As for her sleeping habits - they need to be changed ASAP! Last night she fell asleep around 9pm. She was then up to eat at 9:45, 12:32, 1:43 and 3:03. I AM EXHAUSTED! She then slept until 7:30...a 4 1/2 hour stretch. I'm outta bed at 4:30 for work...wonder if she slept so long b/c i wasn't there to smell???! As much as i LOVE breastfeeding, it's starting to have some petty things to it - LOL!

Our vacation last week really did a number on Buddy It's cute, yet at the same time, makes me a little sad. Buddy really enjoyed being together as a family last week. On Wednesday, he told me that he wished Babe could work while he was at school so we'd all be home at night...awww!!!!! He also told me that he cried at school because he missed his baby sister soooo much! Then last night, he told me he really missed Babe and wished we could be in the big house on vacation again. I couldn't agree more. While our opposite work schedules work well for taking the kids to daycare/picking them up from daycare, it really sucks for family time! Sundays are our only FULL DAY together...and they fill up so quickly. Babe & I are desperately needing some "us" time, but there's no time to find it. And if we ever do get the time, we feel guilty about leaving the kids. It's crazy how even though Buddy has been used to this schedule for almost 3 years, he's also seeing starting to see the effect it has on us as a family. And that's he's wanting the family time as much as Babe & I do. If anyone reading this has any suggestions on how we can incoorporate more family time into our schedules, please let me know!

I think that's it for now! Til next time...

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