Growing up fast!

Let's see..over the past few weeks...

Princess has:

8/15/09 - Started sleeping in her crib! She'll start out the night there, but end up with us since she still isn't sleeping through the night.

8/23/09 - Got her 1st tooth! We had been feeling it for a while, but today was the 1st day it was noticeable!!! It's so cute :)

8/23/09 - Sat up by herself for over a minute! She's still wobbly, but if you sit her up she will stay like that for a little while, until she slowly falls over ;)

She is growing up wayyyy too fast!!!!

As for our lil' man, Buddy! He will soon be starting Celebree full time, in their "Kindergarten Readiness" program. Over the weekend we went shopping for school supplies and this excited him to no end!!!! As soon as we got home he wanted to put everything together :) Too cute! I remember those days!!! Buddy is very excited to be moving into the KR room at celebree!!! He'll be 5 soon...a whole hand...i cannot believe it!

Babe's birthday is next week - 27 years old...WOW!!! ;)

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