Buddy says the cutest things!

Buddy called me today at work. Babe didn't even know Buddy was on the phone with me until half way through the conversation - what a smart lil' cookie Buddy is to be able to call me!

Here's how our conversation went:
Buddy: Hi Mommy! What are you doing?
ME: I'm working buddy!
Buddy: I know but what are you doing at work?
ME: I'm working on cases!
Buddy: Ooh, cases?! I loooove cases!

HAHA! Seriously?! He could come to work to do cases, and I'd happily go to the park like he was about to do ;) LOL! He's too silly!

This passed weekend Buddy started soccer! I really think he's going to enjoy this sport! His buddy, Colin, is on his team, so that makes it even better! But for him being an active kid, soccer is going to be great for him! He loved tball, but you could tell he was soooo bored with it. I don't think it'll be that way with soccer. He's already doing great with it! Here's a pic of him kicking the ball:

That's it for now!
Til next time...

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