6 month check up

I've said it before and I'll say it again; I cannot believe Princess is already 6 months old! She now has 2 bottom teeth, with others fighting their way through. She can sit up for a long period of time, and now prefers it that way. She can't yet sit up from a laying position, but she tried VERY hard to do so...her abs have got to be in good shape ;) She loves, loves, loves to stand up! Her legs are strong for her being so tiny, and I am guessing she will be walking before she's crawling. She "talks" more. I'm pretty sure she says "mama" on a regular basis - but not sure she is saying that towards me?!

At her 6 month appt on Monday, all went well. She is now 14.5 lbs and 25.5 inches. She's growing perfectly :) She got some more shots (ouch!) but handled them pretty well. Buddy was so concerned about them hurting her, that he wanted to hold her hand when she got them...soooo sweet of him!!! We go back in a month for her to get the 2nd part of the flu shot, and for Buddy to get his 5 year check up!!!

Her Dr suggested we start the "cry it out" method in order to get her to sleep better at night. As much as I would love a full nights sleep again, I don't think I'm quite ready to give up that bonding time with her. With work, it's really the only time we have that is quiet and peaceful and just the two of us. So...we will see. We are going to the beach this weekend, and I def don't want to start then. When we get back I will revisit the idea of letting her "cry it out"...

Her Baptism is right around the corner! I am very excited for it, yet stressed about getting things together for it! I know it'll all work out, but until it does, I'm a mess! ;P

I'll write more soon! Hope all is well with everyone!!!

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