Up, Up & Away!!!

We spent the past weekend in Ocean City with my parents, sister and neice! It was perfect weather the whole weekend long! No complaints at all! We relaxed, walked the boardwalk, ate crabs, got some Fisher's Popcorn and even rode some rides! But I think the most exciting thing we did are shown in the pictures below!!!

We went parasailing!!! And Buddy did it, too! I had no intentions of parasailing during this weekend trip, but my parents were going. When they called to make a reservation, and found out the price was cut in half, I jumped at the opportunity...and took Buddy with me ;) He was very excited he was able to go (he was too young when Babe & I went in Hilton Head - had to be 6! But in OC the age is 4! Woot!) As you can tell from the pics, it kind of looks like Buddy changes his mind at the beginning, LOL, but I can assure you --- he LOVED every second of it! He was seeing fish and dolphins. When we were 800ft up, he took his hands off of his harness as if to say "Look ma - no hands!" It was so thrilling!!!!! And a great experience for him! :)

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