Growing like a weed!

Yesterday was Buddy's 5 year check up! Lil' man doesn't seem so little anymore :( Bitter Sweet!
He is now 41lbs and 42.5inches tall! He is doing GREAT all around. We had his hearing checked, and it is off the charts (now he doesn't have an excuse for not listening anymore - lol!)! The Dr was impressed with how well he talked, remembered things, and held conversation! Thats our boy!!!!! :) Then he got 2 shots :( We went in thinking he wasn't getting any shots, just the flu mist. But, he needed the 2nd Chicken Pox shot, and with that you can't get the flu mist - you have to get the flu shot. So he ended up with 2 shots. I think he was more scared of them then anything, and he freaked as soon as he saw the needles!!! Poor guy! But he did well, cried as expected, but was fine a few seconds later! He got a cool soccer band-aid for the flu shot, and a cool blue gi joe band aid for the chicken pox shot --- he LOVED those ;)

Princess also got her 2nd flu shot as well. She screamed, too. It breaks my heart to hear my babies scream!!!!

The Dr mentioned they would be getting the H1N1 shot in a month, and suggested all 4 of us get it. I'm really up in the air about whether or not we should get these shots. There's no research or study on the shots, and no one knows what (if any) the side effects are. I think I'm happier just not getting the shot, and cleaning and sanitizing like crazy. I'm not sure though...still looking into it and thinking about it...

That's it for now!

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