How tall will my babies be?!

Looking through a magazine I came across a math equation that is supposed to tell you how tall your kids will be. So I did it, and am posting the results here. That way, in 20 years I can look back and see how accurate the equation was ;)

Step 1: Mom's Height (in inches) = 67inches

Step 2: Dad's Height (in inches) = 67 Inches

Step 3: Mom's Height + Dad's Height = 134 inches = Height Total

Step 4: Add 5inches for Boys; Subtract 5inches for Girls
~ Buddy/Monkey: 134in + 5in = 139in
~ Princess: 134in - 5in = 129in

Step 5: Divide by 2
~ Buddy/Monkey: 69.5in
~ Princess: 64.5in

So...Buddy & Monkey will grow to be 5ft 8in and Princess will be 5 feet 3in...'ll be interesting to see how true this is...

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