Where's the time gone!?

It's been a while since I've written. Sorry about that. Here's a quick recap of the last few weeks:

~ Princess is now 1! It's crazy how fast time flies. On her actual birthday we went to the aquarium with a friend of mine from work who has a daughter born the same day as Princess :) We all had a great time!!! Over her birthday weekend we had parties both saturday and sunday = exhaustion!!! But a great time was had by all :) Princess LOVED digging into her cupcakes ;)
She is getting so smart! Chrissy, our Nanny, is so great with her. She's teaching her sign language, words, expressions, dancing, etc, etc, etc. And Princess has really taken a liking to her. Right now she can sign: Please, Eat, Drink, More, Thirsty and she's learning Thank you. Princess LOVES dogs and gets so excited when one comes our way :)

~ Buddy is doing amazing! He's loving time spent at Celebree, and is doing so well with the work there. He's got a on again/off again girlfriend, named Carlyn. Lordy this girl has grabbed a hold of his heart big time. And Buddy's only 5!!! He's been taking a "Hip Hop" dance class for a few weeks - it goes a few more weeks, and then there's a concert for the parents! I can't wait to see it!!! We signed him up for Tball again this year, and Lacrosse as well (Babe's sport!). Our weekends will be action packed come April ;)

For St. Patricks Day, I made the kids green eggs and green pancakes :) They loved em! After dinner we went on a walk/hunt for Leprochans (@ Buddys request) and Doggies (@ Princess's request)!!! Unfortuneately, no Leprochans were found, but we did spot a few doggies ;)

I need to get better at the pictures. I have a ton to post - but they are still on the camera! Doh!!!

I'll write again soon...I hope :)

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