Buddy was sick on Saturday :(

It started Friday evening after some fun at the park. As soon as we got home he started complaining of a headache. When it was time for him to get ready for bed, he brushed his teeth, climbed into bed, and was asleep within minutes...that's not him at all. Before he fell asleep I asked him if he was going to be okay, his response was "Well, my heart is still beating!" LOL - humor even when not feeling well...that's my boy ;)

Around 3:30am saturday morning he came into our room announcing he had thrown up :( And he continued to do so until around 5am. Poor lil' guy :( We had to skip Tball saturday, and Buddy just laid around watching tv all day. He barely ate 5 crackers, and drank a bunch of sprite and gatorade! He again went to bed without complaint that night.

Sunday morning we saw our old Buddy back ;) He was up, talking, running around withPrincess, and rearing to go!!! It was so great to have our normal Buddy back :) I'm so happy whatever he had was just 24 hours...and I pray no one else in the house gets it!!!

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