lil' man...with the lil' things...

Last night Babe took Buddy to the movies! While this isn't a new thing, I couldn't help but feel a little overwhelmed at what movie they were going to see. Not only was the movie starting at 7:45pm...but they were going to see IRON MAN 2! No, not one of the kiddie flicks out there right now, and not even a semi kiddie flick, but a hardcore adult flick. Okay, maybe I fib a little in the last part of that sentence. Truth be told, I've heard it's not all that bad. No blood. That's a start. As for the violence, I have to bring up the Road Runner and Coyote...come on...even they are violent. Plus Buddy's seen any superhero movie there is...and there's violence in them. Even normal kiddie shows have violence in them. So...even though I didn't really want him seeing a movie like this, I lost.

But I'm glad I lost. Apparently, Buddy had a GREAT time with his Daddy & Uncle Bryan :) So great that he was hoping I was awake when he got home so he could tell me allllll about it (I was asleep, unfortuneately). I think it's so cute how excited he gets over little things...I hope it's always like that for him :)

So...while I reminisce about the days of taking Buddy to those cute kiddie flicks and wonder if he'll ever been interested in something along those lines again...I'm also going to enjoy the fact that my lil' man is growing up and becoming someone just like his Daddy......and THAT makes me excited.'s the little things :)

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