"For Sale"

Our house goes on the market today (we found this out on Sunday)! And by the time school starts up again for Buddy to start Kindergarten, we should be in our new home in PA :)

We are building a house in a new community in New Freedom, PA :) It’s such a cute and comfy lil' town - we LOVE it! We had looked at the community before, but didn't feel it was the right time...but now with baby# 3 on the way, and Buddy about to start school, it is time.
The district we are in now in Abingdon will have Buddy going to Edgewood Middle and thanks! And sure, we could wait a little longer and move right before Buddy goes into Middle School, but Babe or I don't want to move Buddy away from the friends he makes from Kindergarten up. We want him and Princess to go to the same schools, keep the same friends, we did growing up. I don't want to have to move them. So that is our MAIN reason for moving now :)

So…we’re moving. Unless something unforeseen happens, this is a definite thing!
Here is the link to our new community:
Our house is the Emerson Heritage model.

And here is a picture of where our house will be:

p.s. - stay tuned for some more exciting H - Happenings...


Nicole said...

So excited for you! Your floorplan looks really nice, what will you do with all that space?! Good luck selling your house!

TJsMommy said...

I'm sure we'll clutter up the space just as much as we do now ;) LOL! Thanks for the luck on selling our house...we hope it sells fast!!!