3 is our magic number!

Who do you think that is in the picture above?
If you're thinking it's Baby H #3 (ie The littlest H) you would be correct!
We are pleased to finally announce that our next, and last, little peanut is due November 26th, 2010!
It could make for an interesting Thanksgiving..."Did you say pass the gravy?" "NO! I SAID I'M HAVING THE BABY!" LOL!
We are all so very excited! Everything is going great so far. I am 15 weeks along today! Yup, almost half way there already! Craziness! We have decided NOT to find out if this last one is a boy or girl...most don't like that idea, but we love it ;)
We will be telling our name choices this time around, though. No name surprise like Princess was ;) We have a girl name picked out that we love, and there's a boy name that we like. Once both names are set, I will officially announce them. :)
I have a pregnancy blog set up for Baby#3:
So take a look when you get a chance. I'll be honest - i haven't been good at updating it.
While you're at it, check out Buddy's blog:
and Princess's blog, too:
I know, i should just have one blog for everyone...but that's too hard for me. Having the seperate blogs keeps me on track to make sure I update each kid...don't want to cause any future fights ;)
Enjoy your browsing!
I'll write more soon :)

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lindseyloo said...

yay congrats!! if i were to ever have another baby, i'd want to be surprised at the end to find out if its a boy or girl. so i totally support that decision! i'm so happy for you guys :-)