Happy Birthday, America!

We had a very busy 4th of July weekend! Saturday morning, i took the kids to the Towson 4th of July parade. We went with my dad, sister, neice, Grandmom, and 2 ladies my Grandmom takes care of. One of the ladies is a Holocaust Survivor, and she said the Pledge of Allegiance before the parade started. I had never heard someone speak it as she did, and I am positive it touched the heart of many.

Sunday, on the 4th of July, we spent the morning relaxing at home. Princess turned 16 months!!! At 1, we had a friends 3rd Birthday Party to go to. Babe and Princess stayed behind as Princess was napping, so Buddy and I headed to the party. Buddy swam just about the whole time. He had a blast! After the party, I met my mom, sister and her BF at the movies to see ECLIPSE --- very good movie :) Then I headed back home to go to fireworks. Unfortuneately we sat in a not so good place, and didn't see many fireworks :( Buddy was was I.

Monday, we went up to see the progress on our new home :) Then headed to my parents for crabs and fun! The crabs were great, and the fun was sooooooooo much fun :) Buddy & Princess still had their swimming lessons that evening, then we headed home for bed. I was exhausted!!!

Here are 2 pics of my lil' fire crackers:

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