The littlest Harper

We got to see the littlest Harper on Wednesday! It was such an awesome sonogram experience...the tech really got all views of the baby, and it was just amazing. We got to see the babies heart beating in slow motion...all 4 chambers pumping up and down - a vision I don't think will ever be erased from my memory :)

We didn't find out whether it's a boy or girl, and the tech said even if we wanted to, she wouldn't of been able to tell. Apparently the baby had it's legs closed pretty much the whole time! However, Babe and I both *think* we saw a twig w/ berries ;) LOL! But, we really don't know what we're looking i can't comfirm that. At least, not until this lil' one arrives!

Here he/she is! If a boy, he'll be named Brody! If a girl, she'll be named Emily!

He/She is already sucking it's thumb a lot ;) We've got a thumb sucker already!!! LOL! How cute is this picture?! We got 4 pictures...and they all pretty much look like this ;) I love the lil' nose, and it's curled up hand at it's mouth. Ahh...makes me even more excited to meet the lil' one!
I am 20 weeks we're half way there...20 more weeks to go :)

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TJOsMommy said...

***Obviously we changed the boy name to Owen***