As of 8.22.10...

It's almost done!!!!!!!! :) We settle in just 8 days!!!
The updates this week, on the outside, are: we have a drive way! We have a mailbox! We have our front porch light! We have a light post! Our door is painted red!
The updates this week, on the inside, are: Carpet is in! Sinks/toilets are in! Cabinets are almost in! Wire Racks in closests and pantry are in!

Our mailbox :)

Our driveway :)

Our sink in the Master Bath :)

Buddy, Babe & Princess in the foyer :)

Our Dining Room :) MY personal fav so far ;)

Buddy LOVES ringing the doorbell! PopPop answered ;)

From front door, looking up :)

Light on front porch :) Painted Door :) And the shutters are growing on us ;)

Princess playing in our rock garden ;)

Sorry Buddy, no mail yet ;)

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