KinderTy - Orientation

Buddy I went up to his Elementary School, Southern Elementary, this passed Thursday for Orientation! We got to meet his teacher, meet some of his classmates, and do some fun activities throughout the classroom :)

His teacher, Mrs. Krout, is a 1st year teacher! She seems very nice and I think Buddy liked her right of the bat - dispite his shyness ;) We got his "lunch number" - instead of giving him cash for lunch, we deposit $$ into an account, he memorizes him number, and can get lunch. It's pretty cheap, too! I was shocked! He got to decorate his name tag with beads, and pasta and fruit loops ;) LOL! He didn't want to at first, but eventually came around!

Outside they had a bus for the students to get on. The bus driver talked about the rules of the bus, etc. Buddy seemed upset b/c he couldn't eat or drink on the bus, but he's only 5mins from the school - i think he'll survive ;) Buddy went straight to the back of the bus, i snapped a pic, then we were told to move to the front of the bus. It's reassuring to know that Kindergarteners are reserved the 1st 3 rows of the bus - though Buddy didn't like that either ;(

Before we left for the day, I tried to get him more excited by getting him a school sweater and zipper pull! I think it worked a little ;) Go Southern Warriors! GO TYLER!!!

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