KinderTy - 1st Day of School - HE SURVIVED ;)

Buddy survived the 1st day of Kindergarten :)
The 1st day of school for our lil' man has come and gone...and I cannot say without tears. I didn't think I was going to cry. Seriously. I've been preparing myself for his 1st day, and was ready to send him off to be with the big kids! soon as the bus drove up, Buddy clinged onto me for dear life, and tears started rolling down his face. I held it together. We walked across the street to get him on the bus, him crying the whole time. He was last in line to delay the inevitable. Finally, it was his turn. He climbed up, and took his seat - front row, on the end! He started crying even more. I kissed him, told him he would do GREAT, and turned and walked away. That's when my tears started. I didn't want him to see. So as the bus drove away, with my baby still crying, I smiled as big as I could through my tears. of the hardest moments yet!!!!

These are a few pics I snapped on my phone...they'll be more once I get the ones from the camera up!

We settled on our new home at 11am this same day. Here's Buddy standing on our front porch...a couple hours before it's officially ours ;)
This is the smiling  Buddy I know and love...such a difference from how he was in the morning! As soon as he saw us standing at the bus stop waiting for him to come home, he started waving on the bus! With his awesome seat, he was the 1st one off...and he flew off, LOL! He had A LOT to say, and his 1st day ended up being a really good one ;)

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