Kids say the darnedest things

I was putting Monkey to bed last night as Buddy and Princess lay in our bed, talking and giggling.

Princess must of been doing something we eventually teach
kids not to do b/c I heard Buddy say:
"...and then after you pick it, you eat it!"


He's teaching her oh so well ;) LOL!

I couldn't help but laugh!


Mamakat23 said...

What we don't tell the kids is that many adults still do it, too... just most don't admit it. ;-) Your kids are freakin awesome. I think Jocelyn and I need a playdate! I need to have some toddler time with the princess. I think I'm gonna have to live vicariously through your "babies" for now :-)

TJsMommy said...

I think you just admitted something... LOL

Mamakat23 said...

LOL At least I'm not alone-- It's calling face-scaping or grooming ;-) Bwahhahaha!