a picture says a thousand words

Friday was a GORGEOUS day. It was so hard to stay inside, so on my lunch break, I took the opportunity to not only spend some quality time with Princess, but snag some pictures for her "2 year pictures", then we enjoyed some time at the park afterwards.

As I mentioned before with the pictures I took of Monkey, i'm no professional. But I must admit, I am very happy with how Monkey's 3 month pictures turned out, and extremely pleased with how Princess's 2 year pictures turned out.

Though I didn't get even one good smile of her, looking through these pictures I think I captured every bit of Princess's personality: Craziness. Adventurous. Attitude. Flair. Poutiness. Smirkiness. Her shyness. Her friendliness. Daddy's Girl. Momma's Angel. How fun and exciting she is. And how beautiful she is.

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