Bye Bye Bottles, Helllllloooooo Giggles!

It has been very hard getting Princess off the bottle. I thought after she turned 1 that we would eventually ween her off the bottle...but I was more concerned with weening her off the breast first, then we'd get to the bottle. Well, we finally got to the bottle this past weekend. We were out and about saturday, so while at toys r us we had her pick out some sippy cups that would be for milk only. We told her the bottle fairy was coming that night to take away her bottles so she needed a special cup for the milk to go in now. She was excited about the cups. Don't think she understood no more bottles.
Sunday morning we woke to find the bottles all gone! Love how you can really count on the bottle fairy to do her job ;) Princess asked for her "baba" as usual. We pretended to look around for a baba but when we couldn't find one we pulled out one of her new cups. She wasn't too thrilled, but accepted it, whining just a little about not having her baba.
It's been 4 days and "baba" is almost a word of the past now. Almost.

I had Monkey cracking up last night! Looovvveee it!!! And it's so simple! You'd think I was some famous comedian the way he was laughing. Buddy & Princess had him cracking up, too! (Maybe it's how funny looking we are?!) Well, whatever it was that was making him so giggly, i'm going to be sure to keep doing it! His giggles are THEE CUTEST. No lie. Check out the video.
(you'll also see Princess come over asking for more of what Buddy is eating...that's pretty darned cute, too!)

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Mamakat23 said...

It's about time she gave up that bottle :-) Princesses drink from chalices, not bottles ;-) Congrats, Jocey! :-)