7's always been my lucky/favorite number. And this year, it plays a big roll in a lot of things: Buddy was born on the 7th of October. He will be 7 years old this year. And this year, Babe & I will be celebrating our 7th Anniversary!

Isn't that lucky? Three 7s in a row?!
Well, I am lucky!
Babe and I went back and forth trying to figure out what to do for our anniversary this year. Yea, 7 isn't a "milestone" year, but it's HUGE none the less. And I've always been one to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, promotions (i could find a reason to celebrate anything, really!) ;) We finally came to a decision yesterday as to how we will spend our anniversary...
...Floating peacefully though the skies of Lancaster, PA, admiring the beautiful land below us, enjoying each others company as the sun is setting on the same day we got married 7 years prior.
I can't wait!!!

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Mamakat23 said...

Super Exciting! :-)