Our weekend in pics (and very few words)

 Buddy guy got a double ear infection on friday. And incase you can't see the title of the book he's reading while waiting on the's called "The Moose with Loose Poops." LOL. Yes, I'm serious.

Princess Faith and our Princess...2 of the prettiest princesses I know :)

3 of 4 generations...Amazing :)


Our new weekly tradition



Mamakat23 said...

The pic of the girls in princess dresses... it looks like it was taken in the kitchen of your old house... That kinda threw me off :-) And LOL to the name of the book at the doc office. Hilarious!

TJsMommy said...

LOL, It's at Josh and Jenn's house, who have the exact same layout we did ;) Someone said the same thing on their FB comment anout that!!!