Big boy's about to get bigger

Monkey had his 4 month appointment yesterday. He now weighs 14.12lbs and is 25inches long!!! We got the OK to start him on rice cereal, so tonight, that's just what we did! It was SO much least for me, Babe and the older 2 kiddos ;) We pushed bed time back a little bit so we could wait for Babe to get home from work and have tonight be Monkey's 1st ever rice cereal feeding :) He did pretty well with it. A few funny faces here. Some "i'm not so sure about this" expression. And lots of messes. FUN!

I'm in love with this first picture for the simple fact that is shows how much everyone is into Monkey eating...I'm taking the picture (of course, b/c I'm obsessed with picture taking), Babe is the 1st one to feed him, you can see Princess peeking up so she can see, Buddy has a smirk that shows you how proud he is already, and Monkey is taking his first taste! LOVE!
These next 3 shots were Monkey's facial expressions as he first tasted the rice cereal. Wasn't as silly as i thought they might be (I'm sure more sillier faces will come when we get to the good stuff!), but still so cute!!!

The next pictures are of each of us taking our turns feeding him. We each got 3 chances...and by the time it was Princess's turn he had had enough...but he let her get her 3 in ;) So nice of him! I love how in the pics of Buddy you can tell how careful he is being. In Princess's you can tell she's a little Mommy...opening her mouth as in to say "say ahhh" and just the joy you see on her face :) Me...well, don't mind my appearance. I worked from home today so had no reason to "look nice"...and i wanted to give Monkey his 1st rice cereal so bad I didn't care how horrible i looked ;P

These are some more of his "what is this stuff?!" faces...

And then all of us together (Babe and I took turns) to commemorate Monkey's 1st food experience :)

With Monkey being our last child, I reallllly hate how fast time is flying. But I'm trying so hard to enjoy it and make every moment so special. Add that to the fact that Princess NEVER ate baby food and I get pretty excited that Monkey is at this point! It's been so long, and this is always a fun stage! So, hence the pictures. And anyways, those who know me personally, know that I usually don't leave home without a's attached to yea...that's the other reason there's so many pics ;)

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laura said...

Great job owen. I bet he sleeps good tonight with that full belly :)
Love all the pictures!