Handy Man

I took Buddy to Lowe's Saturday Morning for their "Build & Grow" clinic. We had such a good time building a sports pinball game together. We were a great team. He wants to go back to build more things, so I'm excited this is something he liked :)


laura said...

That looks like fun :)

Mamakat23 said...

Colin did something like that with Home Depot when the Avenue had their fair thing last year. How often do they do stuff for kids? And how much is it?

TJsMommy said...

Laura, it was tons of fun! I'm sure Travis will love it in a few years :)

Kat, Lowes and Home Depot does em, usually once a month, and it's free. We'll be going to Home Depot next month...Home Depot is MUCH closer than Lowes :) I'll letcha know the date!