Tonight I will hug my babies a little tighter and a little longer. Tonight, when Tyler doesn't listen or Jocelyn pees in her underwear or Owen throws up all the green beans he ate, I will not fret. Instead, I will take a deep beathe, calmly take care of the situation, and smile b/c they are here to cause this beautiful mess :) Tonight, while I'm going crazy taking care of my 3 healthy, beautiful children, my prayers will go up to a friend and her family. Tonight, while I'm tucking the kids into bed, my friend and her family will continue to say goodbye to their angel here on earth. They lost their 17 day old daughter this morning. Something I cannot even fathom. To have to say goodbye to my own child - I hope they all outlive me! While saying your prayers tonight, please say a prayer for Mia Faith <3 Only here for 17 days but has changed many lives. Mine is one. Go hug your babies...I'm going to!

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laura said...

I hugged Travis extra tight last night thinking of your friend. Never take a day for granted. I am also thinking of Steve best friend who passed away five years ago today at 21 years old. Just crazy. You have to live in each day and each moment. Sometimes when I am tucking Travis in at night I think to myself "remember this moment forever." Sounds corny but I really do.