My Dad took me to my 1st ever NASCAR racer on Sunday! While i'm not a huge fan of NASCAR it was great to have a day with him and my sister and some of my dad's friends! The weather started out dreary but ended up hot and sunny - which got me sunburnt! But the burn was well worth it b/c we all had such a great time!

We made it to Dover International Speedway!

It's a long climb up and we were about 10 rows from the top!

My sister and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (well, his truck anyways!)

Us infront of the monster mile monster ;)

With my Dad!

Pretty cool! It was GINORMOUS!!!

The race track!

Waiting on the race to start

During the national anthem 3 skydivers jumped out of a plane and landed right on the start/finish line! So cool!             This one's holding the America Flag!


There was a 2 min rain storm, then sunny skies came out :)

My Daddy!

Sunny skies!!!

Us after the race!!!

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Mamakat23 said...

Looked like fun!

When I was down in FL for a minorleague game with the Thrashers, airforce skydivers did the same thing! They landed on the plates on the field, and one also had the US flag. They also had this color smoke stuff, too that smoked while they were "falling" It was soo neat!