Never a dull moment

Nights are always stressful at home. Trying to keep the kids on a schedule causes more aches and craziness than not having a schedule at all! Last night was no different. As I was (trying) to put Monkey down for the night (or at least 4 hours) both Buddy & Princess were in the bathroom brushing their teeth. I hear Buddy use the potty, flush, wash his hands. A few moments later, he comes running into Monkeys room excitedly saying “Princess is using the potty ALL BY HERSELF!” Since she’s not “trained” yet, I have to interrupt my routine with Monkey to go make sure she’s not splashing in her pee, or not not wiping, etc. Yes, I’ll admit, I’m quite frustrated (b/c Monkeys routine was now out of whack), so even though I’m ecstatic she’s using the potty on her own, I go in there with a little attitude (something I am trying oh so hard to get better at). Then, right as I walk into the bathroom, Princess stands up from her little potty and turns to face it. I thought “maybe she’s going to pretend to flush it like the big potty does?!” but no, I was wrong. Instead, she stands there, trying to get a close to it as possible and says “I pee pee like Buddy, too!” I COULDN’T HELP BUT CRACK UP! I start laughing. Then Buddy starts laughing. Then Monkey gets excited. And Princess has no clue. She’s still trying to pee like Buddy does. She asks to try on the big potty – even funnier. The silly girl! Luckily, since she had already gone on her potty while sitting, there was nothing left when she tried it standing up.

It was so funny. And it was so good to get some laughs in with the kids :)

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laura said...

OH NO!!! LOL!!! That is funny!