We are warriors!!!


Babe and I ran in the warrior dash on Saturday! 
Maryland's Warrior Dash

Although I absolutely hated it during the race,
i cannot wait for it to come back again next year!

We didn't train for it. Not at all. Big mistake. But considering that, I don't think we did too bad. Not to mention, we weren't doing it to be competitive, we were doing it to have fun!
And let me note that Babe would have done way better but he insisted on sticking with me...
so thank you for that babe...muah!!!

Out of 8723 runners, here are me and Mike's results:
6925 Mike Harper 6200 28 M 1061 25-29 47:43.45 13:38/M

6948 Kristen Harper 6197 29 F 861 25-29 47:48.25 13:39/M
Not too shabby :) 

And now...PICTURES!!!

Babe and I before the mud:

 Some of the obstacles we did:
Swam through a mud pool!
This was the scariest thing ever!
Some of the other obstacles were:
~ Blackout (crawling in a mud tunnel) ~ Barricade Breakdown (jumping over barricades then crawling under real barbwire ~ Hay fever (climbing up a mountain of hay) ~ Cliff Hanger (climbing up a ramp using rope) ~ Rubber Richocet (running through hanging tires, lol) ~ Hell's Hill (a really big hill) ~ Petrifying Plundge (a big slide) ~ Warrior Roast (leaping over fire! so cool!) ~

Babe & I after the mud:

 We met up with Amber, Matt & Max:

What did we do with our dirty, muddy shoes?
We donated them!
My shoes
Babe's shoes

Standing infront of the donated shoe pile! They get cleaned up and donated to those in need!

We are Warriors!!!


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laura said...

Can't believe you did this and COMPLETED it!! so much fun!