I've been told if you get peed on it's good luck?!

***in updating blogs, this one somehow got moved to the very beginning...
the date was sometime in April 2011 though...NOT june 2012***

Time for another Princess-ism…
So we are kinda sorta trying to potty train Princess. It’s been an ongoing effort for a few months now and every time we get 2 steps ahead I feel like we end up 1 step backwards. She does great for a few days – good enough to wear underwear – then accidents galore. This story happens to from one of those accident days ;)
I came home from work Monday and she was wearing just underwear! WOOHOO! It’s been a good potty day! I was feeding Monkey some apples (or maybe it was green beans?! Anywho…) and Princess got THAT LOOK on her face. You know the look, where they have to go #2 and just freeze right where they are, facial expression and all. Yup, she got that look! So I asked her if she needed to go. While frozen, she tried to shake her head and say “Nope!” But I scooped her up anyway b/c I could tell she needed to go. And no sooner did I pick her up did I feel this warmth around my belly. What in the world…
…yup. She peed on me.
So we got to her bathroom and I sat her down on her potty. Here was our cute, funny, memorable conversation:

ME: “Princess, why did you do that? Why didn’t you wait for the potty?"
Princess: “I pee on you mommy?”
ME: “Yes. Yes you did, honey. Why didn’t you pee on the potty?”
Princess: blank stare. Then – you could totally see the lightbulb – “I sorry. Accident.”
 It was just so cute the way she said it, and how her head bobbed when she said it. She is the cutest talker I know! I wish I could video tape her talking all the time! Later when I told Babe the story, when I got to the part to say what she said, she totally said it again. Hahahah! That’s what makes it even funnier – she knows she was being cute and funny – and remembers it! ;)

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