All-Star baby!!!

Buddy made the All-Star team for baseball this year!
The game was on Father's Day and it was a great game!
They lost, though :(
Last inning, 2 outs, and the other team got the winning run!

But, Buddy is just happy he made the team and he had a great time!!!
Love him!!! cool is this kid?!


a little high...but...

it's a hit!!!

and he's on 1st :)

You're outta there red!

pick it up...

and throw to 2nd for the out! yea buddy!

While looking through all the pics of his Spring Season...i found it funny how his "baseball look" changed...seriously, this kid...steals my heart more and more everyday...check it out:

Buddy's 1st game                                                                                         Buddy's last game

Keep up the great work lil' man!
Daddy & I are super proud of you :)

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