KinderTy - Curriculum Fair

Last night Buddy's school had their curriculum fair. Not realizing it started at 7, we got there around 5:30 to also attend the book fair. So we hit the book fair first to get that out of the way, but we were still super early to Buddy's classroom. So early that the teacher wasn't even there yet. But we made ourselves at home in his classroom, and looked at all the kids' work she had on display. There were tons of books on each set of desks...all different themes...that had each kids work in it. Themes like "If I had $100...", "My Christmas Hat", "The Best Way to Eat an Apple"...and it goes on and on an on. There were so many we didn't get to look through them all...but we did get to see a lot. And you'll see Buddy's entries below :) It's amazing to see how much Buddy had learned and improved since the beginning of the school year. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was choosing books for him (like i did for Princess and Monkey last night), reading him stories, and helping him to color in the lines. Now he's picking out novels (yes novels! not to the extent i would read, but novels none the less!), reading to us, and can practically write his own stories.
I'm such a proud Mommy :)
Enjoy some of Buddy's art work below...i know i did :)

He hates bees. True story.
So cute! My Dad is going to school with him tomorrow for Grandparents day...Buddy is so excited!

I think a trip to DC should happen this summer!

100th day of school! Woot!

Got em!

too cute!

He likes to play them on sunny days, too ;)

If I had 100 dollars I could fill up my gas tank! Oh, the innocence of children :) Love it!

Not Mommy. Not Daddy. But Andrew, one of his BFFs!

I'd love a cute puppy, too. But I'd also ask the leprechaun for someone to take care of the puppy ;)
 One day I hope to get a dog for the kids...


It was for me :)

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