Hershey Park Happy

We went to Hershey Park last saturday! It's been a tradition for us to go with Babe's parents ever since Buddywas about 9 months old. We usually go in June, around my birthday, but Babe's dad's company had a good deal, so we went earlier! It made for an easier day, as we didn't have to fit in both rides and water park (since the water park was closed)!

It was soooo much fun! Buddy is at that inbetween age where he doesn't want to do the BIG rides, but thinks the smaller rides are "Boring". However, he was an awesome big brother and got on just about every single kiddie right with Princess! That is...the kiddie rides that Princess actually stayed on. You see...there were kiddie rides that were quiet, and there were kiddie rides that were LOUD. The bumble bees started out quiet, but when the ride started up, the LOUD BUZZING started and Princess was not happy. We had to ask the ride attendant to stop the ride so we could get her off! There were a couple other rides like that, too, but she did very well for the most part! Her and Buddy's favorite was the kiddie Pirate Ship! Hilarious to watch how much fun they were having on that :) 
I got video of it:

We always enjoy Hershey Park. The park is always so clean, everyone always seems so nice...and now that we live in PA, it's only about an hour away :) We're thinking about season passes for next year ;)

Below are some more pics of our day...Enjoy :)

Princess is currently on the ride in this pic (behind the green pole), but it wasn't long after that we had to take her out



laura said...

Looks like SOOO much fun!!! And the pictures look great ;)

Mamakat23 said...

Tyler looks sooo enthused on the train ;) Glad you guys had a blast!