30 - Awesome.

I've been 30 for almost 2 weeks now! So far, so great! I wrote in my other 30th on my actual birthday we took the kids to Bogey Macaws and had a great time :) On saturday though, it was an adults only night out. Babe planned the whole thing, and he did a GREAT job, too :) He told me I needed to be ready by 2:30...i was ready at 2:25! I walk downstairs and him and Buddy are playing video games. I say "It's 2:30...I'M READY!!!" He says "Ok, great. I'm not. Let me finish up this game!" Seriously?! You have to know that I was excited beyond belief, not knowing what he had planned, knowing that he took so much time to plan something, and being so close to finding out what...and he's telling me to wait?! Not cool!!! After him and Buddy finished playing games, he headed outside to help my Dad set up the baby pool, and water slide, and tent. Really?! I thought we had to go!!! It was finally a couple minutes before 3 when Babe said it was time to go. He went to the front door and came back with my BFF, Katrina! What the heck - surprise #1 - Kat was our chauffeur for the evening...or so I thought. Awesome. She came bearing a "It's my 30th Birthday" crown, a sash that read "Another Year of FABULOUS" and a sparkly PRINCESS pin that lit up! Awesome. We headed on our way to our 1st destination - dinner. However, on the way to dinner, we got stuck in a traffic jam. Surely it must have been a really bad accident, we were convinced, as traffic was pretty much stopped on 83 and a lot of cars were turning around. After about 30mins of this, traffic starts to pick up and we pass a broken down car on the side of the road. That's it. No emergency vehicles. No banged up cars. Just a broken down car. The only thing we could think of was that the car broke down in the middle of 83 and needed help getting moved off 83. And caused that big backup. Awesome. So anyways...we parked in a parking garage downtown. Woohoo...wonder where we could be going?! There's sooo many places down there. Well...we walked and we walked (in my tiara and sash remember) across the whole Harbor and ended up at McCormick & Schmidts! AWESOME! I had never been here but have always wanted to try it. We walked in and Babe says to the host "We have a reservation for 10 at 4." I'm thinking "10?! 10 people?! Who else is coming?!" And the host says "I'm sorry, we don't have any reservation for H." You should have seen the panic look on Babe's face. He pulls out his phone and pulls up his email with the confirmation (Technology is GREAT!) and as I'm looking over his shoulder I read "M&S Grill". Oops! Babe made reservations at the wrong place. But no fear...his brain is working...he says "I meant to make the reservations for here. Do you have enough room for 10 of us?" They did. Awesome. Babe made a few calls to the other guests to tell them about the mixup, and we were seated shortly after. Dinner was delicious, and so was the cake - with Peanut Butter icing. Awesome. If you've never had it, i suggest trying it. Esp with chocolate cake :) During dinner we were able to witness a beautiful wedding :) Awwwhhhhh!!!! After dinner we took some pictures by the lighthouse - one of my favorite things :) Then, since we had some time to kill, we rode on the Dragon peddle boats. Katrina and I in a dress. Awesome. Hahahaha, no really, it was awesome! Kat and I peddled Babe around, and Bryan and Maddy shared a dragon. We had a lot of fun acting like kids in our "old age"..hehehehe ;) We had to cut our dragon rides a little short b/c things needed to be taken back to cars (it was now that I found out Kat wasn't taking us home, but Babe's parents were...Awesome!) and we had somewhere to be by 8pm! But where?! Thank goodness they didn't blindfold me..i was anxious enough! We started walking towards Power Plant LIVE! Babe was giving me clues...he said we were going somewhere that started with a "P" - i'm assuming he meant Power Plant. Then he said it started with a "B". Well the only place that started with a "B" was BABALU...and that was closed down. He fooled me! (Or not?! After telling a friend that, she said maybe he meant "P"iano "B"ar?!) We ended up at Howl at the Moon - which is a Piano Bar! Awesome! We had only been there once before and had a blast! So i was super excited! I got even more excited when we got up to the front to pay and found out Babe not only reserved tables, but we had an open bar for 2 hours. Double Awesome. We were shown our tables and some more friends were already there! Awesome. I think we had 7 or 8 tables reserved - WOW - people do love me :) The whole night was a blast! I drank a little more than I had planned but it's my birthday - i did what I wanted ;) And I'm pretty sure everyone had a great time as well :) THANK YOU to everyone who helped make my 30th Awesome. Seriously. You all are Awesome. We stayed at Howl until a little after 1am. I got a birthday tshirt on my way out that said "I got Mooned on my birthday!" Awesome. I made the comment "at least I didn't really get mooned!" Ha! I spoke too soon. As we were driving home, a car full of guys drove by and what did I see in the passenger window...yup...a full moon. Awesome. LOL!!! We got home by 2:30 and passed out. My parents were staying the night with all the kids and Ella and they were awesome! Thanks to them, too!

Babe went above and beyond to make my 30th birthday an awesome one. I will never forget it and i don't think Babe will ever know how much I appreciate it :) He's such an awesome hubby!

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