Let freedom ring!

Happy 4th of July!!!
(about 2 weeks late, sorry)
We spent the morning of the 4th at the Towson Parade!
It's our 2nd year going, and it's always a good time :)

All of us with my Grandmom!

Buddy & Princess dancing in the street before the parade started! Apparently, frisbees are a fun prop ;)

One of her dance moves ;)

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Princess's face when the planes flew over!

Monkey hanging out with Babe - love it :)

Buddy loved the Oriole bird!

Ella scared of something so hiding behind the chairs ;)

Yea Towson! Can't believe it's been 8 years since I graduated from there!

Monkey fist-bumping the Greene Turtle!

After the parade we went to my parents house for a cookout! The kids spent most the time in the pool :)
Princess in her R,W& B :)

Buddy in his R,W& B!
(Monkey had a R,W& B bathing suit, too, but was sleeping most the afternoon!)

The kids having a blast!

Love how happy she is!

He is SUCH a heartbreaker!

Ella, so beautiful!

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laura said...

The kids love the parades!! 4th of July is turning out to be a great holiday!