I am so glad I was working from home today and with the kids. Around 1:45ish pm, I was on a conference call with work. Princess was napping. Michelle was putting Monkey down for a nap. Buddy and Brandon were playing in the toy room. I felt the ground shaaking a little...kinda like when the construction trucks drive by, or are working in the neighborhood. But then it didn't stop...and everything started shaking. Everything. I could see my desk moving, the pics ontop of it moving, and I could literally imagine the house as it was shaking. I jumped up to check on the boys. They thought it was a little freaked out when I mentioned earthquake, but then wanted there to be another one. Michelle was at the top of the steps with Monkey...wondering the same thing as me. Princess was still napping...she slept through it! I had forgotten the people at work. I went back into the office and heard them talking about it. I told them I felt it at home in PA. They felt it in MD. Where else was it felt?! Turns out pretty much all of the east coast felt it! From/ the carolinas to a little passed NYC! Insane! It was a 5.9 that was centered in VA.
A lot of people experienced their 1st earthquake today. And a lot of people are counting their blessings tonight...thanking God that it wasn't worse. I know I am. It might not have been a "bad" earthquake, but I was scared. Not something I want to experience again.
Where were you when the earthquake hit? Did you feel it?

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