Fun at the Mall!!!

It all started when Babe was mowing the lawn. He had gotten about half of the backyard done when out of nowhere...DOWNPOUR! And it stayed like that pretty much all weekend. Monday was rainy, too...and Tuesday started out looking rainy. So tuesday morning, since Babe was off from work and I was working from home, we decided to take the kids to tumbletown at the York Galleria once I was done work. So, around 3pm, that's what we did. All of them, including Monkey, had a blast at tumbletown...playing in the ballpit, shooting hoops, doing flips on the trampoline, climbing in the obstacle course, and riding the mini roller-coaster...I think Babe and I had just as much fun as the kids did :)

Ball pit fun! All he did was try to eat them...ewwww germs!!!

Nothing but net! And he shot it backwards! He rocks!

Swinging all by herself!!!

OMG did he LOVE this roller coaster ride! I need to find one for the house!

I couldn't believe her climbing up and over this! She never ceases to amaze me :)

After our half hour at tumbletown, we took Buddy to try the big trampoline in the center of the mall. It harnesses you and you get to jump pretty high. Buddy started out low and ended up at the highest possible height you could go. The guy working it said no other kid had gone that high before - GO BUDDY!!! He loved it...A LOT...

Starting can still see he's a little nervous!

The ropes are pretty straight so this is the highest he got! I'd say it pretty high when you are above the 2nd level of the mall!!! I think he's going to want to do this every time we go from now on (luckily we don't go that often - it was pricy!)
So a fun time was definetely had by all! After the fun, we headed to the food court for dinner. As I was paying for Buddy's Subway, Princess came running over to me with her pizza. She was so SO so excited to have pizza. "Mommy my pizza! Look my pizza!" She said as she was running towards me to show me. As soon as I turned to look, I saw the pizza fly out of the box onto the yucky mall floor. Seriously so funny. But then Princess started bawling - she was devastated! Her pizza was ruined. Luckily the place replaced her piece for free, and she was then happy again. But it really was like a scene from a couldn't of happened more perfectly. Silly girl.

I enjoy the times spent with all 5 of us. It's not often, so when we do little things like that, I really appreciate it. My kids are my world, and I couldn't imagine how boring life would be without them.

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Chinatours said...

Watch kids playing happily always remind me of my childhood and cannot help to smile, thanks for your pics.