Monkey at 8 months!

8 months ago Monkey came into our lives!!! 
He is the happiest, cutest, smartest, silliest "littlest H" I could have ever imagined! 
I am so blessed to call him mine :) 

Actually, I'm so blessed to call THEM mine :)

At 8 months, Monkey is...

~ Crawling...really, REALLY fast!
~ Cruising along furniture, toys, chairs...anything he can to get him from place to place!
~ Clapping and (kind of) saying "Yayyyy"
~ Starting to wave!
~ Loves the is an understatement!
~ His favorite toys are trucks and he loves to move them all around the toy room, dining room, any room!
~ His eyes light up when we walk into the room, and then he's smiling from ear to ear and run-crawling over to us! It's pure joy!
~ Weighing in at about 18.5lbs!!

I got this video one evening while we were all playing in the toy room! 
It shows off some of Monkey's new tricks :)

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laura said...

Gosh darn it he is cute!!