tooth #3 - tricky!

Buddy lost his 3rd tooth! It had been so wiggly for about a week now,
and besides playing with it 24/7 to try to get it out, Buddy didn't want to try anything.
Until last night...

...after dinner we were all playing in the toy room.
Buddy said "Can we tie a string to my tooth and then slam the door?!" I said "Sure!!!"
So, we did just that.
I got some dental floss and tied it around his tooth...

Then we went into the study and I tied the other end of the string around the door...

Lil' Big man was a little nervous but was being very brave.
I had him stand back a little and we practiced closing the door a few times.
Then we did it!
The tooth didn't fall out right away but it definetely was close and it had started bleeding!!!

I started getting worried about how I would get the string off his tooth if the tooth wouldn't come out.
As you can tell from the above picture, it was tied high up on the tooth! Oops!
Princess chimed in "I have to pee!" 
So I asked Buddy to keep an eye on Monkey while I took Princess to the potty. 

Buddy came running into the bathroom "MOM! I LOST IT!"
Sure enough, his smile had a huge hole in it! And i mean huge! LOL!
And sure enough, he lost it...the tooth was no longer on the string!
So I told him to go find it before Monkey did...
Buddy came in not even 15 seconds later with the tooth! He was SO proud and SO excited!

So the old trick of tying a string to the tooth and tying the other end to a door really does work!
If not immediately, definetely soon after!

Now Buddy is $1 richer and a super happy lil' big guy for loosing another tooth :)

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laura said...

Tyler is so brave!