Playing video catch up! :)

This blog has videos of a couple different things that I've captured over the last several weeks! In no particular order...

Buddy wrote this song for a special girl in his life, whose name shall remain a secret ;) I am proud of him for coming up with this all my himself!!!! Perhaps he'll be an America Idol one day! He's already mine :)

Monkey loves the trampoline as much as Buddy & Princess do! Buddy can get rough, but Mokney doesn't seem to mind! These 2 videos are proof...he has a blast no matter how much it makes me nervous!!!

Then there's Monkey walking everywhere with anything he can find! First the chair, LOL, then the baby stroller that is one of Princess's toys ;) haha!
Anything that gets him from A to B works for him! :)

Princess has been interested in all the photo albums I have laying around the house. She could look at them for hours. While looking at her baby book, she came across a picture of her crying, right after being born. She calmly asked "Why I crying? Was Dr there?" And then proceeds to do what this next video was SO CUTE! I swear :)

Buddy lost his 3rd tooth a week or so ago, and since then i just LOVE watching him talk. His tongue slips through the hole in his mouth and it just makes me giggle every time! It's adorable! So i asked him to tell me a story one night while I got a close up of him talking. Trust me...this will bring a smile to my face when I'm old and gray and reading this...many moons from now ;)

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Mandy said...

1st off I LOVE that Owen is so hardy and can get a little rough with his older siblings. Just not too much haha! And I melted when I heard Tyler's song :) so nice!!!! I aspired to have a family like yours one day :)
p.s. I love you cuz