The last time I felt like this...

...Let's see. In just over a week Buddy will be turning 7. 7?! Really?! 7. OMG. It's hitting me big time that I'm about to have a 7 year old child. That my oldest child is in 1st grade. That he really is no longer "little" but REALLLLY close to the double digits in age.

I started this blog 4 years ago right before Buddy turned 3. He had just started preschool. I remember one night after putting him to bed, i sat downstairs on the sofa, just looking through pics of his 1st 3 years of life and literally crying my eyes out. I couldn't believe my lil' man was turning 3. He had grown so much. He was so adorably cute. He said the cutest things. He was so dang smart. He brought a smile to everyone's face. He was full of energy and life. And he was mine. Wow...amazing.

It's been 4 years since that first blog and 4 years since I've actually *thought* about how much has happened since Buddy's been born. And, i feel pretty guilty about that. Not to say I haven't been enjoying every moment possible with Buddy and Princess and Monday. But just that I haven't been able to concentrate on Buddy, just Buddy, for a while. Since that first blog and my first breakdown of my 1st baby growing up, Buddy has grown into such a great little boy! He loves football and basketball and pretty much every other sport. He loves playing with his friends. He loves to read (OMG my boy can read!). He can write and spell. He is a great big brother - seriously - Princess and Monkey are lucky to have him and look up to him so much. He's had a lot of change in life in the last 4 years and, overall, I think he's taken to it pretty well. There's been some bumps along the road, but we all have them, it's part of growing up! And Buddy is growing up beautifully. I couldn't be a happier mom.

As I reminise about Buddy's past 7 years (again, 7?! really?!), i'm pretty sure more than 1 tear will fall. I'm pretty sure i'll have another breakdown...b/c time is just going way too fast. And I'm pretty sure I'll be re-reading a lot of my blogs from 4 years ago. But these things I'm 100% sure of...I'll continue to kiss him goodnight every night, and kiss him in the mornings before I leave for work. I'll continue to love him and adore him and make sure he knows how much he means to me. Even though he's 7 - a *big* kid now - these things still hold true...he's still so adorably cute. He still says the cutest things. He's still so dang smart. He still brings a smile to everyone's face. He's still full of energy and life. And he's still mine. did I get so lucky?!

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laura said...

Love this!!! Happy birthday Tyler :) He is lucky to have you and Mike as parents.