Fun Monday night

We started the night off with breakfast for dinner :) The kids loved it, esp their plates ;)

For dessert we had popcorn and watched SPOOKY BUDDIES. Such a cute, corny, movie. Really though, while the movie was on, Buddy played his DS and I entertained Princess and Monkey.
 LOL. At least we tried!
Princess and Monkey kept wanting me to tickle them. So I did. I love their little laughs :)

Monkeys passed out now, in his Mickey-O pjs and I'm sitting her watching Dino Dan with Buddy and Princess takes off her pjs b/c her foot hurts?! Yea...I don't get it either ;)

After their show, and right before sleepy time, Buddy reads to us. Here they are snuggling with each other as Buddy reads. I love when they are like this :)

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