i love pictures! lots and lots of pictures! :)

Those who know me well know that it is unusual for me to be without a camera. I love taking pictures and don't hesitate to take pictures of anything or anyone. I believe I get it from my Grandmom, who at 87 still loves looking at and taking pictures. I have no doubt I will be just like her when I (hopefully) reach that age. And I am proud of it! Pictures, to me, are one of the best things ever. They capture precious moments and allow you to relive them over and over again.

It's been a dream of mine to become a professional photographer for quite some time now. I've got a great camera and I've got 3 of the cutest kids ever to practice what's holding me back?! Well, besides the fact that I don't actually know how to use my camera (other than the obvious point and click), and the fact that I've never once taken a photography class...I guess the only thing holding me back was (is) actually taking "GOOD" pictures?! LOL.

I had the chance over the weekend to photograph a friend and her family, to capture a special time for them. A time where, for the next few weeks, they will still be a family of 3...but soon their family of 3 will become a family of 4. It helped that my friend is gorgeous, so taking good pictures was easier. And her son is so cute - and for 2, he did awesome with the session. He would even tell me "Hey! Take picture! CHEESE!!!" LOL! Their backyard is also the perfect place for pictures...(and bonfires)! I had a blast with them, and honestly, I think the pictures turned out pretty...ok, really...good! :) But that's just me...take a look for yourself. What do you think?

Congratulations you 2!

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laura said...

These turned out GREAT!!! GOOD JOB!!! :) :)