1 year old

Happy 1st Birthday, Monkey :-)

It is SO hard to believe that Monkey is already 1! I thought Buddy's 1st year went fast until Princess's 1st year went even faster...but man...Monkey's year was the fastest! I did my best to hold onto everything and cherish everything...even the sleepless nights (which weren't many!), but still, a year has already gone by!

Monkey is so amazing. Seriously. He looks up to his big bro and big sis. His Daddy is his hero. And he's def a momma's boy. :) He catches onto everything so quickly, is always with a smile, can make anyone laugh, and is so cute i could eat him up! Oh, and that high pitched scream he has, can make anyone's ear pierce ;)

But you can't do anything but love him. He is so loveable. So so loveable!

These are pics from the night before his 1st bday...i didn't want to put him to bed!!!

Monkey woke up around 7am on his birthday morning!
The 4 of us walked into his room with HAPPY BIRTHDAY Balloons singing him the HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG! He loved every second of it!
We've done this since Buddy's 1st birthday! Buddy loved it as well. Princess cried b/c we startled her on her 1st birthday. LOL. But Monkey loved it...especially the balloons and the Monkey pillow :)

Unfortuneately, Babe and I still had to work so Monkey did spend most of the day at daycare. Good thing he likes it there. Fortuneately, Babe and I were both able to work from home that day so we picked all the kids up early and headed to Chuckie Cheese for Monkey's birthday dinner! EVERYONE had a great time :)

Monkey & Chuckie!

Yummy pizza

Having so much fun!

Race car driver!!!

Pretty with a pizza face!

Look at all those tickets!!! Whew!

Ice Cream Birthday Treats :) 

We ended his birthday with taking Princess to gymnastics, and he had a blast running back and forth, picking up every single magazine he could find, and watching all of the classes going on. When we got home, his BIG present was waiting for him...a train table!!! All of the kids LOVED it ;)

Don't you love how he's got my phone?! ;)

We had a monkey themed party for him on Saturday, the was soooo much fun!

Again, I can't believe my littlest Harper is 1!

Monkey, you are such a blessing to us all. You taught us all so much and have learned so much. I hope you never loose your ability to smile all the time, speak up for what you want, or the love you have for Buddy & Princess. You are amazing. Don't ever think otherwise!
Love you Monkey!!!

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