Bitter sweetness

After 13 months of all of us saying "night night" to Monkey, tonight he said it back :)
He is starting to talk some...he even says (what only I can probably understand) "stairs" as he runs to the stairs to go up or the doors to go down.
He understands yes and no. And he will shake his head yes while saying it. Its so cute when he gets excited about something, like m&ms, Ill ask "do u want one?" and he will run over, shaking his head yes and saying yes. Then starting stampering his feet. With the biggest smile. Ever.
He holds one of my fingers as hes drinking his bottle before bed. I seriously love it. Its a high lite of my days.
Lastly, also, tonight ends 13 months of breastfeeding Monkey. :(

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laura said...

Sounds like Owen is on his way to being a big boy!