Next to Impossible...

Last night the cutest thing happened. I sat Monkey on one of our kitchen stools. And he LOVED it. I can guarantee this was going through his mind..."Yes. She did it! Mommy put me up here and look at me...i am a BIGGGG BOY. I'm sitting next to my big brother Buddy...ooh and look, Mommy's putting Princess on the other side. Oh yay yay yay yay yay! I'm so excited. I hope she lets me sit here again and again. Look at me! I'm a big boy!" No lie. To see the excitement in this child's face was priceless.

I even got the PERFECT pic of all 3 kids sitting there. It's precious!

But first...we had an incident.
What started out as cute lil' Monkey,
sitting ontop of the red table (I know, bad Mommy for letting him),
laughing so hard at his big brother being a goof ball...
...ended up as a cute lil' Monkey doing a faceplant on the hardwood floor.
Followed by a blood curdling scream.
That continued.
Along with a big knot on his head.
That just got bigger.
Like I said. Bad Mommy.
But he was OK! 5 mins later, no lie, he was trying to climb back up on the red table.
Only this time, I was a good Mommy, and wouldn't let him!

Then we ate dinner. And after Monkey watched his awesome big brother put his dishes in the sink, and his awesome big sis put her dishes in the sink, Monkey found some crumbs on the floor that he wanted to put in the sink.. I picked him up and he threw it in.
Proud. As. Ever.
Then he found more crumbs, and one after another, he threw them in the sink.
Until I said "All gone!" and vacuumed up the rest.
(It's tiring, trust me!)

Now for the pic you've been waiting for! The PERFECT pic of all 3 kids, excited to all be sitting on the kitchen stools, together. You ready for it...

 No? Not perfect? I mean, The grape coming out of Buddy's mouth and the fact Monkey and Princess aren't looking doesn't make this perfect? OKAY...Maybe close to perfect...

Ooh! How about this one then?!
Really?! Why not?
Oh! The boys!!!
Princess actually has an AWESOME smile here, too!

This one HAS to be the perfect one?!
 You're right. No.
There's Buddy with that grape again.
Princess's doing a monster impression.
And Monkey...oh Monkey...thinking "Mom, this ain't gonna happen!"

Now, here we go...this IS the perfect one.
Buddy's grape is hidden.
Monkey's got a smirk.
Princess is half-smiling.
I'll take it!!! The perfect pic of all 3 of them sitting at the kitchen stools

And then there's these 2 with their brotherly bond that is unbreakable...
I swear...I get better pics when I'm not even trying!

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laura said...

I have trouble getting a good picture of one so I feel your pain! I love how Owen wants to be just like his older brother and sister!