I've never been one to read a lot. I've read a book here and there...even suggested books to people...but for me to read a book in a quick amount of time isn't usual. In comes The Hunger Games.  And OMG. I cannot put the books down. I finished the 1st book in 3 days...mostly during 2 hour baths (no lie. and baths?! They are new to be, too. And i think I am in love.) The 2nd book, I started Saturday night and finished Monday morning. The 3rd book...oh how I want to start the 3rd book...b/c the 2nd book ended right in the middle of the action. But I know I don't have a lot of time this week to finish it...and i want to finish it. I need to know how it ends. So, once I get to the 3rd book I can assure you it won't be long before it's done. I've even comtemplated using a personal day at work, staying home, taking a bath, and reading. Wouldn't that be nice? Too bad this week is a "must be at work" week. Dang. Guess that leaves this weekend?! Hmmmm....

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