Weekend FUN!

We had a BUSY weekend.
But, we also had a FUN weekend.
Saturday started with me oversleeping, therefore not making it into work for some overtime.
Darn, you mean I got to go back to bed for a couple hours?! YUP!
Buddy had basketball from 9-10, then Babe took him and the kids to a birthday party.
Babe's mom came up to help out...she's awesome!
I headed to my friend, Sarah's, baby shower! She's pregnant with her 1st...and it's a little girl :)
The shower was a lot of fun!!!
When I got home, I was able to rest for a little, then we all headed over to our neighbors house for dinner!
The kids got to decorated a train...and make a was hilarious :)
And I got to drink some wine...actually half a bottle...and b/c I'm a light weight I consider that a lot of wine!

 Kids decorationg the train!

Our neighbor, Jul, with the finished train!

Princess eating part of her train :)

Yum! Yum!

Buddy and E cracking up over the abundance of red icing!!!

 The red icing again. They loved the mess it made.

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