Weekend FUN continued...

(apparently, blogspot is having issues, or didn't like me adding more pics to my previous here is Sundays pics)

Sunday, we skipped church :(
I hated to do it but loved going to brunch with some mommy friends of mine :)
When I got home and back into my comfy pjs, we all just hung out for the rest of the day!
Babe made some yummy BBQ Ribs, and surprisingly Monkey ate em up!
Buddy and Princess arent fans of things like burgers (unless they are from MCD), or ribs, or ground beef, so that Monkey IS a fan took us by surprise.
He was not, however, a fan of the mess ;)

Gave him his own rib! He picked at it, but preferred the meat on his fork so he could feed himself!

Trying to get a piece!


"Okay...MESS!!! Get it off!!!"

Kids having fun wrestling after dinner :)

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