Project 365 1/31 - 2/9

1/31/12 - last day of January and it was 60degrees! So after picking up the kids we headed to the park and played! Kids had the BEST time...and so did Babe& I :)
2/1/12 - looked forward to this time with her all day
2/2/12- princess and monkey are already into video games?! Fun night :)


2/4/12 - BUSY day filled with a baby shower and 2 birthday parties, then to nana and poppops! They got out the popcorn machine and all the kids were amazed! Sooo much fun :)

2/5/12 - picked up kids from nana and poppops and headed over the Ernests for their superbowl party! The kids played awesome together! I swear princess & F could pass as sisters :)

Happy Birthday, Nana...miss you soooo much

2/6/12 - there was so many pics to choose from today. From Buddys 100 cheerios to Princess's stamps on the wall to Monkeys big bump from the falling I decided to go with a "happy" pic of Princess and Monkey dancing to a sign language video that had them captivated :) Happy Monday!

2/7/12 - The moon was incredible tonight. This picture doesn't do it justice to how big and beautiful it was!

2/8/12 - fun day. Worked from home. It snowed. Kids were great all night. :)

2/9/12 - oh this girl. She's def a night owl and def doesn't get that from me. She knows how to drive me crazy, actually, we know how to drive each other crazy. But at the end of the day, after she's changed her pjs 10x and come back into my room 20x, one thing is for sure...I couldn't love her more

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