Valentine's Day!!!

I have been *so* excited for Valentine's Day this year! Not b/c I couldn't wait to see what Babe was going to do (b/c we don't go big on Vday, so I wasn't expecting anything), but b/c the kids and I got crafty this year, thanks to Pinterest ;)

The kids had it easy...they just had to sit still while I wrote on the bottoms of their feet and then sit still so I could take a good pic of their feet together. 
Wait. What? Backup. 
"...had it easy..." is so wrong here. 
First, the writing on the bottom of their feet. 
Have you ever had someone write on the bottom of your foot?!
So...I had a fun time tickling them while trying to write on their feet, and they had a fun time cracking up every time the marker got even remotely close to their foot ;)
Then, picture time. Sit still?
 Do you know how hard it is to get 3 kids to sit still...
or keep their feet still for that matter?! LOL! 
Thank goodness for digital cameras, b/c I would have went through a lot of film
 or disposable cameras for this one shot. 
But, after all the giggles and outtakes, this is what we ended up with:

"We <3 Dad"

And this was Babe's reaction...
I think I see a tear?! ;)

I did the "52 things I love about you" for Babe...

 I'll admit, i thought coming up with 52 things was going to be hard. 
52 is a big number. 
But, once I got started, I couldn't stop!
If this wasn't so time consuming (and no, i'm not complaining), 
I might have done another 52 reasons ;)

Babe reading my reasons. I think I can say this gift was a success :)

We didn't get creative with the kids, though. Buddy got some skylander characters. Princess got some Hello Kitty slippers. Monkey got some new shoes! All 3 loved their small gifts, and that was enough to warm my heart :) 

Princess & Monkey had PJ day at school!!! Here they are in their pjs :) 

 And for those wondering, yes, I did get a little something from Babe :0)
I'm working from home today, so when I walked into the office at 5:50 this morning, 
this is what i saw :)


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